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created by who-cares (2018) who-cares about Ki(c)k in the mix 1.mp3 demo2016.mp3 Hiphop demo 2 1.mp3 George Michael Minimix.mp3 who-cares goes Dutch.mp3 just for fun .mp3 Who-cares about Kick in the mix Who-cares about a demo Who-cares about oldschool hiphop Who-cares about George Michael Who-cares goes Dutch Who-cares about fun who-cares about the Duke of st. Patrick.mp3 who-cares goes live with pioneer…..11:01      Live mix made with a pioneer DDJ-SX2 and Serato.    music like NWA, Kate Perry, Prince, Robin S, 2 live crew, All saints and    a few more tracks from the past. Who-cares about the duke of st. Patrick live pioneer.mp3 Who-cares goes live with Pioneer who-cares about Fun in the mix…..1:00:53   The music of this mix is selected by me, because this is the best music    of my youth. The mix is not finish yet. It contains music like Coolio,    Skunk Anansi, Marvin Gaye, NWA, Jim, Orange and much more.